Monday, January 2, 2012

Swag from Tomahawk Chopping - catching up

Happy New Year! - good last wk of the yr for Team Phungo - hope the beginning of 2012 finds everyone well. 

Now I have some catching up to do.

Way back in the beginning of November Derek over at Tomahawk Chopping ran a different kind of a Box Break.  Well it wasn't really a break.  It was a draft - of Cards.  TC had a lot of nice cards that were in midlevel products that Team Phungo really doesn't get to pick up.  The Draft had 15 rounds I think and guaranteed an Auto and a Relic.  Here is Much of the Team Phungo draw: 

click to enlarge

Lots of Chomey stuff here - I went after Phils and former Phils, HoF and some favorite players.  The Relic is an All-Star GU card of Placido Polanco in the bottom row.   I am holding the Auto (might be subject of a future Phungo STS!) 

Some of the chrome and parallels of stars in the lot include Chase Utley, Roy Halladay, Ryan Howard and Cole Hamels masterpieces,  There is a Chrome Flashback of Dom Brown near the top right

Francisco Liriano, a Fine looking Joe Mauer card (bottom right),  Strasburg, the Freak, Pedro Alvarez, Gio Gonzalez, Nice Pat Burell Chome Parallel,  and  Kyle Drabek are among the non-Phils in the lot. 

Just want to mention one more time that the Topps Photography was real sharp in 2011 and I hope they continue to keep it up in 2012. 
This was a fun idea and I am glad Derek put it together.



Michael said...

pretty good much did it cost you to get in on it?

deal said...

I think the break was around $17. I don't really remember right now. Roughly the price of a blaster sticks in my head.

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