Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2012 Topps Phillies Checklist Series 1 and 2

Thanks to Wrigley Wax for going to the trouble to break down the 2012 Topps Checker by team

Here is the list of Phils in the 2012 set for the combined 1&2 Series'. 
28Placido Polanco
64Michael Martinez
98Domonic Brown
117Carlos Ruiz
120Hunter Pence
150Roy Halladay
190Cole Hamels
243Justin DeFratus
259Michael Stutes
280Ryan Howard
287Antonio Bastardo
Vance Worley
345Jonathan Papelbon
353John Mayberry
361Chase Utley
371Jim Thome
392Cliff Lee
449Shane Victorino
458Kyle Kendrick
464Joe Savery
465Michael Schwimer
551Joe Blanton
617Jimmy Rollins
634Jose Contreras
658Juan Pierre

As noted by the Phillies Room the most glaring omission would be Ty Wiggington who in the absence of Ryan Howard has seen the most action at first base this season.

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