Thursday, July 5, 2012

Swag from Padrographs

A few weeks ago Rod from Padrographs posted that he was clearing out some player collections - one of which was John Kruk.  I jumped all over that and was able to add maybe a dozen or so new Krukkers to the collection. 

If I had my stuff together I could have picked up the Kruks while visiting Portland this past May, when I got to meet Rod in person

Regardless Rod was good enough to send me the card via the US Mail and he also added in some bonus Phils cards including a lot from the more recent issues.

2012 Topps '87 Mini Chase Utley
Minis officially jumped the shark for me with this insert set.  I always liked the 87 Topps woodgrain cards - but when I pulled my first in mini form, it just drew a yawn out of me.  The oxymoron of oversized-mini is part of the problem - minis in every product is another issue.  The Ginter sized Mini I am still hip to and I am sure I will be a little giddy next week or whenever I open my first pack of 2012 A&G. 

2011 Topps someting-Fractor Ben Francisco 
2012 Topps Hunter Pence 

The Phils let go of Ben Francisco and got him back in the person of John Mayberry Jr.  Pence and his high socks. 

2010 Upper Deck Utley/Howard

I was never fond of the final UD baseball effort.  The two player checkers always bothered me with both players looking out of frame.  Now that we are a little further more removed from 2010 the duo seem a bit more attractive - but I still feel like the overall card design of the set was mailed in. 
Thanks to Rod for the Cards and go check out Padrographs - lots of good fire sale postings going up periodically

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