Monday, July 23, 2012

Snapshots 2012 07 21 Giants 6 @ Phillies 5

A Pitcher Hitting a Home Run - Bucket List it.
It took 240+ games for me to finally see a Pitcher hit a dinger, after that it took 7 batters to see it happen again.  Baseball is a strange game. 
Power Pitchers
Cole Hamels
Matt Cain
Lot of noteworthy things happened at the Giants Phils game on Saturday unfortunately the Phils took the loss 6-5.  In addition to the Pitchers going deep All-Stars Buster Posey and Melkey Cabrera had Homers for the Giants.  one-time All-Stars and recent DL returnees Chase Utley and Ryan Howard hit them for the good guys.  Therefore the game had lots of star-power, but in the end it was won on a squeeze bunt by xxxxx who was only playing because Angel Pagan got ejected.  I say it again strange game. 
Cole Hamels v Buster Posey
This is the pitch that Posey hit out.  Not very often I get a pitch where something big happens.  typically in those situations I am a fan rather than a photographer.  The ball is barely out of Hamels hand in this shot - maybe if you know something about pitching mechanics you can figure out what Hamels did wrong on this pitch.

Cain v Utley
Another Pitcher Batter shot.  This is NOT Utley's Homer - this is an at bat in the 8th inning - Cain won this meeting with a strike out.  
The Phils took the loss in what otherwise was a fun game to see.  As noted above the stars came out for this one and the day was beautiful.  It was photo day so we got a chance to walk out on the field and see some of the Phillies players up close which was fun. 

Ryan Howard

During the Photo portion of the day Ryan Howard came out for pictures and graciously walked the entire field for fans.  I am not sure if he should have been out there, maybe it is just the way the big man walks around but it appeared to me that he was limping a little bit. I have concerns that he will be able to finish the season. 

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