Monday, June 10, 2013

Dr J Documentry "The Doctor" Premiers tonight on NBA TV

The Sixers have been pretty mediocre lately but they will always have Julius Erving in their History.  Tonight(2013/06/10) NBA TV will feature a documentry on the Hall of Famer.  The program airs at 9p and 10:30p. For more information click here.  

2012 Phungo #6 Julius Erving
The Dr J statue used to be outside the old Spectrum.  I am not sure where it is now.  Creating a card from this photo presented a bit of a problem.  To show the entire statue would leave a lot of dead space on each side of the card. I eventually decided to create a split card.  There isa close up of Erving's upper Torso on the left. On the right one can see the full height of Dr J. I also shortened up the nameplate - thankfully Juilius Erving's nickname fits smaller area.

For a look back at a more traditional 2012 Phungo Card check out the Harry Kalas card.

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