Sunday, September 8, 2013

2009 Bowman #BDPP2 Billy Hamilton (RC)

Tonight's on Sunday Night Baseball the Cincinnati Reds will attempt to sweep the Dodgers in what could be a NL playoff preview.

2009 Bowman #BDPP2 Billy Hamilton (Bowman 1st Card)

For at least the last two seasons Billy Hamilton has been a BuzzProspect due to his ridiculous base stealing numbers. He has a total of 395 SBs over 5 minor league seasons, including 155 in 2012 and a combined 230 the last two seasons.

Hamilton has only been in four games for the big club, but has already made an impact. On Tuesday night he pinch ran for Ryan Ludwick - Hamilton Stole 2nd and scored on a Todd Frazier Double.  It was the only run of a 1-0 Reds victory. Nice debut for the prospect. The following night the Reds were down a run in the 14th inning when Hamilton did virtually the same thing. PR for Ludwick, SB, score on a Zach Cozart single.  Unfortunately for the Reds the Cardinals had a young star of their own, Matt Adams who performed some heroics of his own that night, as Cincinnati lost the marathon contest 5-4.

Last night Hamilton had a similar impact for versus the Dodgers, once again PR for Ludwick, SB, score on Frazier single.  It should be noted that on Friday night Hamilton collected a stolen base, but was also doubled off 3B on a liner back to pitcher Brian Wilson.     

For the Collector

I am pretty sure this is the first card issued of Billly Hamilton, although it doesn't fall under the new "official MLB" RC designation - since Hamilton had not played in the majors prior to the products release.

Regardless I was very happy to find this card in a nickle box a few months ago.  It really doesn't sell for much on the auction market, but $2.50 is a lot more than a nickle.  The high end for Billy Hamilton right now is the Gold #d/50 version of this card which went for a tidy $102.

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