Sunday, September 29, 2013

TRENDY: Amazing Race - Mr Kim DeJesus, David DeJesus (2008 Topps Heritage #91)

Tonight the newest edition of the Amazing Race debuted.  The show is part of the Team Phungo TV diet and will likely be part of our Sunday Night routine for the next few weeks.

One of the teams featured in this seasons race is Nicky Gets and Kim DeJesus who are baseball wives of players Chris Getz and David DeJesus respectively.

2008 Topps Heritage #91 David DeJesus

David DeJesus has been on the move a lot lately, He was traded from the Cubs to the Nationals and then to the Rays all in a period of a week.  This turned out to be a very good week for DeJesus, He went from a struggling team to a potential postseason squad, then to a team that is a win away from being a playoff team.

Steve Smith
Three years ago former Phillies 3rd Base coach Steve Smith was featured on the Amazing Race with his daughter, Allie. The Greatest 21 Days covered Smith's race in this column.


unclemoe said...

That show's still on???

deal said...

UncleMoe - Yep. Team Phungo just started watching it a few seasons ago. so it is still sort of new to us.

unclemoe said...

I think I watched the first few seasons but hadn't heard a thing about it in years. Maybe I'll check it out again.

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