Monday, September 16, 2013

Bucket or Chuck-It: 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Bargain Blaster

2012 AnG Blasters running for $13 at the local target.  Bucket Or Chuck-It?

No Base cards but a Ryan Howard Insert and a Cliff Lee Mini
Speaking of Minis

Justin Upton
Freddie Freeman A&G Back
Erin Andrews Black Frame!
Nick Hagadone A&G backs
Jorge De La Rosa
Adam & Eve Bible insert
Adrian Gonzalez
Solid group of inserts - SportsCasting Beauty Erin Andrews draws center square in this lot. 

Heath Bell Relic w/ the Pix representing the Padres, the Relic may or may not be from the Padres or any other actual game or event or something like that.

Standard Size Inserts  

Not Sure the Smoltz pix looks a lot like him. The Willis Tower is the Sears Tower in Chicago, Dempster is card #342 SP.  .
Whats in a Name

That is Tony Gwynn the Hall of Famer in the Middle. Donnie Baseball on top and Jacoby Ellsbury last. 
The Box yielded one other Hall of Famer in base card form

Stan Musial

Bucket or Chuck-it
No Base Phils is a bust but gettting two inserts makes the Phils up for that, Erin Andrews makes the minis a win, meh on the other inserts. I imagine the hit rate for relics is about even for an AnG blaster. Overall, we give it a bucket.  I got $13 of enjoyment out of opening that box.  

ReWind - Past Ginter Blaster Breaks
2011 Allen & Ginter (Bargain Blaster - Carlos Ruiz Mini, Jim Nantz Relic, James Shields #NNO mini)
2010 Allen & Ginter (Chase Utley This Day in History)
2010 Allen & Ginter (Bargain Blaster - Buster Posey RC)
2008 Allen & Ginter (Michael Young Relic)

2009 Allen & Ginter Phillies Group Break (Cole Hamels black border Mini, Jamie Moyer Mini 
Note the 2012 Bargain Blasters are buck more than the 2011 and 2010 A&G Blasters were a few months ago. 



Hackenbush said...

I just bought one those as well. It's now in my unopened rainy day pile. "What you talkin bout Willis?"

night owl said...

Every time I see a discounted 2012 A&G blaster opened, I cry.

Lots of 2012 A&G blasters where I am. None of them discounted.

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