Monday, October 7, 2013

2008 Topps Stadium Club #108 Evan Longoria RC (First Day Issue Variation)

This Evening the Tampa Bay Rays are facing elimination in game 3 of their ALDS matchup with the Boston Red Sox. Fenway was a disaster for the Rays who return home to the Trop for tonight's game. The Rays have been around the playoff scene since 2008 and one of the guys that has been with them during the entire arc of this period is Evan Longoria.

2008 Topps Stadium Club #108 Evan Longoria RC (First Day Issue Variation) 

Evan Longoria was the 2008 AL Rookie of the Year and led the Rays to an AL Pennant. The 2008 Rays defeated the Red Sox in a 7 game ALCS to win the pennant, if the Rays return to the World Series they will once again need to defeat the Red Sox in another full length series.

In 2008 Topps took the worst photos they can find and put them in their base set, this left some really great shots for the return of Topps Stadium Club. One of the fine photos to find it's way into 2008 TSC was this fine pix of Evan Longoria striking a classic baseball card pose. Unfortunately 08 Stadium Club had a pretty convuluted checklist which contained several variations for 1/3 of the cards. The great, but now defunct, Fielder's Choice Blog explains what all this means in regards to the Evan Longoria card here.

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