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2014 Playoffs: Angels Mike Trout 2013 Topps #536 AL Defensive POY

In 2012 the sportings good company (and baseball glovemaker) Wilson created a Defensive Player of the Year award. The inaugural winners were Michael Bourn in the NL and Mike Trout in the AL.

2013 Topps #536 Mike Trout AL Defensive POY

Wilson has done something a bit exciting for statgeeks like myself - the award is based on advanced defensive metrics. I think that Wilson is sourcing their defensive info through Baseball Info Solutions and Fangraphs.

2013 Topps #536 Mike Trout AL Defensive POY (b-side)

Notice that Trout's card notes both of these stats data warehouses, but doesn't mention the awards sponser Wilson.

Since 2012 was the first year of the DPOY, this makes the above 2013 Topps Mike Trout Defensive Player of the Year card the very first card to honor the award - Micheal Bourn's corresponding NL card shows up 4 position back on the checker.

Patriot Day
looking closely you man notice a flag on the left side of Trout's cap. I am thinking this is the special caps that are worn for 9/11 Patriot Day games. Assuming this phot is recent means that the photo was taken during a game in which the Angels hosted the A's. Bit of an oddity is that the game was played at night, but it looks like a night photo. Checking the baseball-ref box score, and assuming Trout made the catch here I am guessing this catch was made in the 5th inning on a line drive by Yoenis Cespedes  - of course I am sure Topps didn't research play outcome prior to placing it on the card. 

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