Monday, April 13, 2015

1964 Topps - 2013 Heritage Index

This is an Index of Posts related to our series on 1964 Topps.

1964 Topps #135 Johnny Callison 

Most of the posts originally ran in 2013 coinciding with that years Heritage release which was inspired by 1964 Topps.

1964 Topps / 2013 Heritage Postings 

1964 Topps Design (Ray Culp, Lou Brock, Gus Triandos)  

1964 Topps b-Sides (Ray Culp)

1964 Topps League Leader Cards (Hank Aaron, Ken Boyer, Bill White) 

1964 Topps Team Cards (Phillies, Reds)  

More info on 1964 Topps

The full series is in the process of being covered at the 1964 Topps Blog 

Chris Stufflestreet - Vintage Sportscards 1964 Topps Giants

The Phillies Room has a posting on the 1964 Topps Phillies as part of the ongoing Topps Phillies Series.

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