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2013 Topps Heritage the Originals - 1964 Topps RCs #263 Richie Allen

This is the second post in our retrospective of 1964 Topps in anticipation of the upcoming 2013 Topps Heritage release.

In 1964 Topps issued Rookie Cards with pairs of players from the same team. One of the better RC in the set is of Dick (He should be a Hall of Famer) Allen.

1964 Topps #263 Richie Allen/John Herrnstein 

Early in his career Allen was known by or referred to as Richie Allen and that the way he is displayed on his 1964 Rookie Card. To Topps he didn't become Dick Allen until 1973 and he went through and interim period 1970-1972 as Rich Allen.

The 64 Rookie Design is solid.  The smaller titling of "1964 Rookie Stars" atop the team name looks stylish and fits in well with the base set design.  The solid black background for the nameplate mimics the base card nameplate as well.

I have featured Dick Allen hear nearly enough, but I think you may see him hear one or two more times while we look at 1964 Topps.

Most of you likely know about the fine site Dick Allen Hall of Fame which is in addition to being dedicated to Dick Allen also has several fine custom cards of many ball players.

1964 Topps Rookies 

Other Notable RCs in the set HoF #541 HoF Phil Niekro, #287 Tony Conigliaro, #146 Tommy John #244 Tony LaRussa, and #167 Lou Piniella.  The LaRussa card is a base card the other four are all two player cards similar to the Richie Allen card above.   

Additional 1964 features the 2nd year card of Pete Rose (#125). This is his first solo card - The 1963 Topps Rose card was a Quad (#537) 

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