Wednesday, March 23, 2016

All-Stars aren't the only players relegated to Short Print Hi# cards in 2016 Heritage

On Tuesday night we mentioned all the All-Stars that are part of 2016 Heritage, but have their cards relegated to the harder to find Hi Number series. With 31 of the 75 Hi#s dedicated to the ASG participants there remains 44 slots for other players.

2016 Heritage #498 Odubel Herrera

I fortunately did not have to look for this Hi# long, We pulled Odubel in our first pack of Heritage. 

Decent spring training shot, nice to see the palm trees in the background. The card and picture definitely evoke the feel of the original 1967 Topps. 

Odubel Herrera resides at card #498 in Heritage and bears no connection to the player on the original card, Larry Dierker.

I didn't have to go through the checkers comparing this info, I waited long enough for the Good Folks over at the Phillies Room to do it for me...

2016 Heritage Checker

2016 Topps Heritage Phillies Team Checklist vs 1967 Topps Checklist

The above chart is a comparative of the original 1967 Topps with this years Heritage set. This will come in handy if I ever decide to fill out the team set. There are 18 cards on the team checker. Herrera is one of two Hi#s, the other is Maikel Franco at #473.

I will take another turn at reprimanding Topps here. Out of the Phillies players awarded Heritage cards the top-3 in 2015 WAR were Herrera, Aaron Nola, and Franco. Two of the three have been banished to the High set.

More SPs
2016 Heritage #448 Tyson Ross

Yeah I will never find a reason to post a pix of this SP of Tyson Ross, but figured I would give it some life here, just in case we never see the card again.

For what it's worth the #448 card was occupied by Harry "the Hat" Walker - a card that according to Cardboard Connection was DOUBLE-PRINTED.

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