Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Blake Wexler - Would you see this guy at a Comedy Club?

I know nothing about this dude but...

Comedian Pete Wexler

He is wearing a Topps Baseball Card hoodie!!!

Near as I can tell Pete Wexler is a LA based comedian who originally hails from Philadelphia. He has worked with a local AOR station and his website and tweets point to him being a bit of a sports fan.

On Wednesday he is performing at the Philadelphia Club Helium.

I went to his site and enjoyed the routines he has posted, he has a bit of stage presence with a decent delivery.  

What Say You Card Bloggers
I will put myself at your mercy. Vote in the comments and/or on Twitter to decide if I should see Blake Wexler at Helium.

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Blake Wexler
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Matthew Scott said...

I love going to comedy clubs so I would take the chance. Maybe plan a nice dinner just in case he bombs and the night isn't a total loss.

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