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2016 Heritage First Pack PLUS a Hanger

Got my hands on some 2016 Heritage cards on Monday, a Single Pack and a Hanger. Thanks to the Topps/Target Coupon that was part of our 2016T Blaster we opened last month the Hanger went for $6.99.

We start off with the loosey

2016 Heritage #120 Billy Hamilton

Fittingly he exciting Billy Hamilton leads off our first pack. Card #120 in the original is Floyd Robinson who reps the Reds as well, although it is on a cap-less card as he had been acquired from the White Sox following the 1966 Season.

#217 JP Howell
#9 Wil Myers
#136 John Danks
#157 Manny Machado

Nice set of cards at the top of the pack, Howell, Myers and Machado are all great examples of 1967T. The Danks card has some sort of Cactus League backdrop that adds a bit of variety to a set that is bound to be heavy on profile shots.

Wil Myers drew his former uni number (9) with the the Rays.

 #498 Odubel Herrera

First Heritage Insert is a High Number of a Phillies Player. Thats a W.  Good shot from Clearwater. Team Phungo was there roughly a year ago, perhaps this shot was taken while we were in town.

#71 Caleb Joseph
#313 Seth Smith
#66  Eddie Rosario

We can't get a Topps card of the Orioles Starting Catcher but we do have back up Caleb Joseph. The Rosario card looks like a dugout shot, which is a bit of a departure from the style from the original 1967 set, however it does maintain the spirit of the era.

Hanger Highlights

We will start out with the Hanger All-Star Team

Mark Buehrle
Hisashi Iwakuma
Santiago Casilla
Evan Gattis

The Buehrle card is a great one of a great player. Gattis is listed as a DH here but I snuck him into the Battery section for his Catching roots, and one cannot dismiss the hipster beard. 

Brandon Belt
Giovanny Urshela
Justin Bour
Starlin Castro

The Indian Urshela is one of those cards of players in the box that I didn't know. Actually had close to 300 PAs in 2016. Hell Justin Bour  is in the Phillies Division, Hit 23 Home Runs and got a rookie cup and I don't know him. Bour was not in Topps Series 1, Assuming his flagship card is in S2 he will be 28 prior to the release of his r-Cup card. I am assuming this is Starlin Castro's first card as a Yankee - We will return to this in the Inserts portion of our show.

Hunter Pence
Starling Marte
Coco Crisp
Jackie Bradley

Crisp once again displays a unique look - Still not as cool as his 2014T Card. Saw Starlin drop a can a corn in a game against the Phillies y-day, nice shot w/ the camo didn't see those in 1967.

Inserts Mojo Chasers

Chrome Aroldis Chapman (#d /567)

Ok a year ago this would have been a fine card to draw as the Serial Numbered bonus. Unfortunately in the last 12 months we found out Chapman is a jerk and now he is on a different team.

This is is my issue with the Starling Castro card above. Topps got him in a Yankees uniform, Chapman here got traded within in a month be he remains on a Reds card. 

#479 Lorenzo Cain (Hi Number)

Cool shot, Solid SP to pull. 

Standup #14 Mike Trout

Uhm this is disturbing. So far in 2016 I have picked up A Blaster, A Hanger and a couple of looseys and have scored 3 Trout inserts.

#TAN-YD Carl Yastrzemski & Chris Davis

The 1967 Font looks goofy on inserts. 

Mets Maulers: Lagares & Granderson
Atlanta Aces: Freeman & Markakis

I like using action shots on the Multi-Players, for a look back at our recent post on the originals click here.

Angels Team Card & Checklist

The team cards are goofy. 

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