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Indians @ Phillies 15th overall picks Chase Utley and Tyler Naquin

Found an interesting card for this weekends Indians Phillies Series. 

2012 Bowman Draft Top Picks #TP-UN Chase Utley Tyler Naquin 

Chase Utley was once paired with the Indians Rookie Center Fielder, Tyler Naquin in a Bowman Draft Insert set. The connection between the two players was their draft position, #15. Utley was drafted in 2000 Naquin, 2012.

2012 Bowman Draft Top Picks #TP-UN Chase Utley Tyler Naquin (b-side)

The flip of the card finds a further similarity between the two players drafted, they were both previously picked out of High School. The card doesn't note that Utley's was originally drafted in the second round and Naquin remained available until the 33rd.

WAR Stories - 15th Overall Pick
If Tyler Naquin has the career that Chase Utley has had I am sure the Indians will be very happy.

Truth is if Naquin's career ended today, the Tribe would not be happy but they would have done better than half of the teams that have picked 15 overall. Of the 51 players that have been picked #15 just under half (24) have made the majors. Tyler Naquin is less than a month into his Major League career and already ranks among the top 20 in games played among #15 picks. While Naquin is among the 47% who made the majors he does not one of the 15 (29%) who have had a positive impact as measured by WAR. The rookie is at -0.2 through his first 17 games.

The average WAR for the 24 players that reached the majors is is +11.4. Nine of the 51 picks (18%) have had a career WAR of +10.0 or above - basically the equivalent of two All-Star season.   

Sixteen (31%) of players have played in 162 games, the equivalent of one major league season, 18 (36%) if you count the two pitchers between 30 and 161 games.  

Chase Utley's career 62.8 WAR paces all #15 picks with the only Hall of Famer Jim Rice second at 47.4. Other notables include Chris Carpenter (+34.5), Richie Hebiner (+32.9), Current Utley Teammate Scott Kazmir (+22.6 - active), Stephen Drew (+16.1 - active), Devin Mesoraco (+4.0 - acrtive), Phillies Reliever Ethan Martin (-0.5) and Braves Prospect Sean Necomb (2015 BA Prospect #70)

Chase Utley is the Phillies only #15 overall selection, the Indians have picked there 3 times: Naquin, 1969 - Alvin McGraw (peaked at AAA including a stint in the Phillies Org), and 2009 Alex White (-0.5 WAR was active in 2015)

Rice is the Home Run Leader among the group with 382, followed by Utley (236) and Hebner (203). Carpenter leads the Pitchers with 144 wins with Scott Kazmir at 99 victories. Swingman Scott Garrelts is 3rd in Ws with 69 and is the saves leader with 48.

Royce Clayton (1988, +19.5 WAR) edged out Jim Rice for Games Played among the selections (2108 - 2089), Chase Utley is well back just under 1600 games as of Press time.

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