Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Cole Hamels SABRmetrician?

 2010 UD Pure Heat #PH-4 Cole Hamels 

In a Dallas Moring News article over the weekend Cole Hamels spoke about the use of Analytics with his new club the Texas Rangers:

"The scouting here is much more reliant on analytics than I had," Hamels said. "So much of what I did before was based on experience. Everything is right there on the iPad. I've been able to get stuff from the analytics that allows me to get something about [opponents'] approaches and get a better feel for their strengths and weaknesses."

This is only confirming what Phillies fans have always suspected, the team is lagging behind other organizations in the use of statistical analysis.

The significance here is that as far as I know Cole Hamels is the most prominent player to point out the Phillies lack of emphasis.

Specifically here Hamels points to knowing an opponents Strengths and Weaknesses. This is not anywhere near new. Curt Schilling has mentioned numerous times that his preparation included the keeping of copious notes on opponents and even umpires.

Of course breaking away from traditional approaches is never easy. I also recall the late Cory Lidle was derided by other members of the Phillies pitching staff of the era (2004-2006 Phillies) for over-reliance on the computer.

 2010 UD Pure Heat #PH-4 Cole Hamels (b-side)

Pure Heat
Selected tonight's card because Apparently Cole was Winning with the Phillies using PURE HEAT rather than big time data crunching.

I don't believe All the Answers to building a better baseball teams are in the stats, but I do think that the Phillies could make more and better use of the numbers.

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