Tuesday, July 26, 2011

2009 Obak Hobby Box Break

While everyone else is going nuts over 2011 AnG, we are checking out a different retro product from way back in 2009.  The 2 releases of Obak are somewhat similar to Allen & GInter in that they are both based off of Tobacco Card products and they both contain cards of a historic nature.  Both also have a bunch of minis.

Here are the stats on the Hobby Box:

Damage  - $34.00 @ Oaks, PA Card Show in April of 2011

Base Cards 92/100 = 92%
2009 Obak #A48 Brooks Robinson (#59/200)

2 Autos
    Brooks Robison
    1 Lower Level Active player not worth getting excited about but coild be potential STS fodder
2 Parallels/Variations
    #28 Verdette
    #64 Jeffries

3 Serial Numbered
    Alvarez, Moustakas, Ted Williams

3 SPs
    Taft, Obama, Crosby

1 Strip card 

1 Mini SP

19 Minis in addtion to the Crosby SP parallel.

8 base cards needed
14 Bumgarner
31 Wallace
35 Brooks
42 Arnett
47 Hauser
65 Kittle
69 Skowron
75 Chadwick

I was very happy with the Obak Box.  I love the historical nature of the cards.  There are 100 different subjects that have many different backgrounds - most of them somewhat baseball related.  Overall the cards look nice, but the card stock isn't as good as I would like.  My other complaint is that the Serial Numbered cards are basically similar to the base cards and that the serial numbers are done via print rather than stamped - using these to inflate the number of "Hits" in the box is a bit of a misnomer. 

The lower 30 cards in the set are part of either the "Pro Debut" or the "History in the Making" series with rookies and prospects - The Healthy checklist includes Pedro Alvarez, Eric Hosmer, Brian Matusz, Lars Anderson, Gordon Beckham, Neftali Feliz, Tommy Hanson, Heyward, Austin Jackson, Andrew McCutcheon, Jesus Montero, Moustakas, Buster Posey, Carlos Santana, Mike Stanton, and Brett Wallace. 

Overall, For $34/Box with a bunch of interesting subjects (and 2 autos) it is hard to beat the enjoyment/$$ of 09 Obak.  I am thinking of looking at a box of 2010 Obak in the future.


Hackenbush said...

I bought a complete set when they came out and was really happy with it. Great choice of subjects. You could do worse than a Brooksie auto.

beardy said...

Nice Brooks!

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a thousand words
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