Thursday, July 14, 2011

2011 Phungo Cards - Francisco Rodriguez

Another obsolete 2011 Phungo Card. 

2011 Phungo #24 Francisco Rodriguez

Other folks are showing off A&G, unfortunately Team Phungo is trying to be fiscally prudent at the present time and A&G will have to wait - well at least till the wkend.

And I also haven't fixed my scanner situation, so expect a steady diet of Phungo Cards and Photos until that situation gets rectified. 

K-Rod is on the move to Milwaukee - not sure how much this helps the Brew Crew.  Axelrod seems like a competent closer, but I don't know what they have in front of him. 

This photo was taken in Baltimore during interleague play last season - you can read more about that trip  here

Coincidentally I am headed back to Camden Yards this weeknd - The O's are hosting a pretty exciting Indians squad and it is looking like a real nice night for baseball.

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