Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Somebody Sent Me Cards?? and Team Phungo on the Move

I try to honor everyone who sends me cards and I try and keep semi up to date on my trades.  Unfortunately, I have lost track of these things recently. 

Swag from various Trades, Donations and Breaks.

I am not sure exactly where these cards came from.  I am pretty sure some came from Night Owl, and some from 30 Year Old Cardboard - There are also likely cards from a Thorzul Group Break.  I also got a nice stack of Vintage cards not featured here from Dan over at The Other World.

Team Phungo on the Move

Part of the reason that I haven't been as organized with card trade posts or posts at all is that Team Phungo has been on the Move.  Not the Blog - we are still here.  But the Headquarters have moved.  We didn't move far, but I am happy to announce that Team Phungo is out of apartment living and has moved on to Full on House duty.  Stepping up to the house level has been fun, but it is also a lot of work. 

I am hoping that things will settle down at least a little bit at some point and I will get back to some card related activities.

If you sent me an email regarding trading or I haven't gotten back a reciprocal trade bear with me, I will try and get to everything - I know I owe Dan cards, but I can't remember what we were trading.

ok back to unpacking for Team Phungo.  The rest of you can go back to enjoying the All-Star Game.

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