Monday, July 11, 2011

Phungo Most Wanted All-Stars 2011 Summer

I have been toying around with ways to post my Most Wanted Cards, I wanted to something different then just saying these are my 5 most wanted cards.

The idea that eventually came to me was to break down my most wanted cards as an All-Star squad. 

With the Mid-Summer classic upon us it is a good time for Team Phungo to debut the inaugural edition of the Most Wanted All-Stars.

Hopefully this Team will highlight the many different cards and sets that I am interested in collecting.  And without further ado here they are...

The Phungo Most Wanted All-Stars

C - 2008 Bowman Draft/Prospects #94 Lou Marson.
For the 2 Futures games I have been to I am trying to collect all the Futures Game cards.  Marson represented the Phillies at the 2008 game.

1B - 2010 A&G This Day in History #4 Lance Berkman
I am building the A&G TDiH set, I need four more cards to complete the set.  I know that Berkman is just crushing the ball as an outfielder for the Cardinals, but to me he is a first baseman and he will man the position for the TPMWAS

2B - Any Bobby Doerr Card from his playing career 
One of my ongoing projects is building a collection of cards of all the Hall of Famers.  The hard part is I want cards from the players active careers.  I have plenty of Doerr retro/heritage cards, but still need one from his playing days.

3B - 1973 Topps #615 Mike Schmidt
This is the Mike Schmidt (and Ron Cey) rookie card.  Likely the biggest omission in my collection.

SS - Jimmy Rollins Auto
Trying to collect autograph cards from all of the players that were on the 2008 Phils World Championship team.  I think I have all of the position starters other than Rollins and Victorino.

LF - 1971 Topps #744 Chuck Manuel
There are two Topps Cards from Charlie Manuel's playing days - I am looking for either this one or his 1970 card.  I'd prefer the '71 , unfortunately is a hard to find short print.

CF - 2008 Topps #586 Coco Crisp
The last card I need to complete Series 2

RF - 1959 Topps #380 Hank Aaron 
As you likely know by now, I am building the 1959 Topps Set, the biggest card I have remaining is the Hank Aaron base card  

LHP - 1979 Topps #345 Tug McGraw
I have the complete 1979 set - a few of the cards I got signed and now I would like to replace those for my '79 set so I can keep the autographed cards together.

1961 Topps #20 Robin Roberts

RHP - Robin Roberts Auto
I wanted to get Autos of the Four living Phillies Hall of Famers, Roberts was the missing one.  Well now I have autos of all of the Phillies living Hall of Famers, just that Roberts is no longer with us.

Wild Card - 2004 Topps #695 Jim Thome/Mike Schmidt
Relatively recent great card, that is unfortunately not in my collection.

Other Sport - Chuck Bednarik Auto
Eagles NFL HoF member.  Really should get his Auto into my collection.

Non Sports - Rasputin A&G mini
This one isn't even out yet, but it is already on my want list!!

There you have it, I think that its a good mix of cards  - There are hard to find and pricey vintage cards and some relatively ordinary recent commons plus a lot of other stuff in the middle.

I have been busy lately, but I want to get back in the Trading Game - hopefully this list will kick start me back into action.

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