Monday, June 25, 2012

2011 Phungo Cards Carlos Ruiz - #VoteChooch

2012 Phungo #51 Carlos Ruiz

I don't know how often the update the All-Star Voting, but last week when I was at a Phillies game Carlos Ruiz was in 3rd place among catchers.

Phillies Scoreboard w/ All-Star Voting for Catchers 2012 06 19

FWIW I really didn't have the right to bitch to much last week since I had not yet voted.  I don't take the All-Star game voting too seriously.  For me it used to be more fun when you had to do it at the ballpark - now that I can do it anytime it seems less urgent.  Sort of like how I blow off TV shows that are ON-Demand, then I never come back to watch them. modern problems. 

As I said I don't take it too seriously, but over the weekend I did go on and #VoteChooch.  Of course the rest of my ballot was a farce - Chase Utely hasn't set a foot (or bad knee) on the field and I voted for him.  A lot of times I just vote for guys from my area, but I had trouble finding one - Chris Heisey wasn't on the ballot.  I voted for Marlon Byrd (NL OF) just because I am pretty sure he was last spotted playing for an AL team (BoSox).  Chris Davis got a vote just for earning a Pitchiing Win in a game despite the fact that he is a position player.  They are like jokes only for myself. 


There are hashtags on Twitter to reference specific people, subjects, events etc.  One of the ones that has emerged is #VoteChooch to remind folks to Vote for Carlos Ruiz in the All-Star Balloting.  I am farily sure this is the first time that I have referenced a #hasntag here, and I got off my butt and voted - so  Twitter you have finally made a difference.

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