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Phun Cards 1953 Topps Orestes Minoso

1953 Topps #66 Orestes Minoso

This is the second installment of my Essentials Collection.  I have seen Minnie Minoso's name raised a few times recently in conjunction with Jamie Moyer news items that mention older players seeing Major League action. 

For Minoso's part this was somewhat of a stunt returning to the game in 1976 after over a decade in retirement.  I recently found out that this was only partially for publicity.  According to the new biography Bill Veeck: Baseball’s Greatest Maverick, by Paul Dickson, It was also an opportunity to help improve Minoso's MLB pension benefts.  Minoso would again return to the White Sox in 1980 to become a 5 decade man.  In 1993 Bill Veeck's Son Mike Veeck lured Minoso out of retirement one further time to play for the Independent league St Paul Saints to add another decade to that total. 

Even without the several comebacks Orestes "Minnie" Minoso had a career of significance - and fall into that borderline Hall of Famer category.

The 9 time all-star's career totals include 1000+ Runs Scored and 1000+ RBIs - He fell just short of 2000 hits with 1963.  In 1954 Minoso led the league in Total Bases and finished 4th in the AL MVP voting.  Oddly he finished 4th in the MVP voting 4 different times including when he also finished 2nd to Gil McDougald for Rookie of the Year - McDougald finished 9th in MVP, go figure.  Minoso's other superlatives also included 3 Stolen Base titles and leading the league in Hits in 1960.
Orestes "Minnie" Minoso's final hit was in his 1976 return to baseball when he singled off of Sid Monge at the age of 50.

For The Collector

To have a great vintage collection, I think one should have an Orestes Minoso card.  On most of his Topps Cards Minoso is referred to as Minnie.  On both the '52 and '53 Topps cards Minoso is listed by his birth name Orestes.  

There are at least 4 recent ebay auctions in which Minoso's 53 Topps card (off conditon) went for under $10, with a low of $6.61.  I am not sure what mine went for me, I suspect in the $5 neighborhood.

I don't have a 1952 Topps Minoso, however I did find 3 recent auctions where the card sold for under $15.   

The Bowman cards from the era sometimes have Orestos listed on the back of the card, but none of them have that name on the front.  

Starting in 1956 Topps had Minoso as "MINNIE" including the quotes. After that he is simply Minnie.  
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1953 Topps #66 Minnie Minoso

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