Friday, June 22, 2012

Philly Show returns to Valley Forge June 22-24

Hunt Auctions brings the Philly Show back to the Valley Forge Convention Center/VF Casino this weekend.

They have added a Casino to the convention center which requires a membership to get into.  I don't know how or if this will affect admission to the card show.  I suspect that you will be able to get a day passed included to the Casino with your Card show admission.  Show admission is $8 - you can pick up a $1 off coupon in some of the local papers (of course the paper costs a buck so it's a push)

Unfortunately, I have a couple of other comittments and doubt I will be able to make the show this wkend.

Autograph Signers

1974 Topps #198 Dave Cash (image from Baseball Card Database)
The signers for this weekends show include Phillies Alums Dave Cash, David West and Orioles Hall of Famer Jim Palmer on Saturday.  HoF Dennis Eckersley, former Phil Terry Harmon and 1960s era 76ers Chet Walker.

It does not appear that Hunt Auctions is offering a complimentry auto.

For Show Info click here
For Casino Infor click here
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