Tuesday, February 5, 2013

1977 Topps featured in MLB fantasy preview - First Phils cards for Michael Young and Ben Revere

Each of the last couple of years MLB.com has put together a fantasy guide.  For the players cover photo in the feature a baseball card has been produced in one of the past Topps designs.  This year they have chosen 1977 Topps.

Faux 1977 Topps Michael Young

Looks like somebody took a short cut on the position, the flag on the original 1977 Topps cards had the position written out rather then abbreviated. Back in 1977 the Player name was green for the Phils and cards also contained a facsimile autograph.

Faux 1977 Topps Ben Revere 

The Phillies other significant offensive acquisition this winter was Ben Revere who is also not featured in 2013 S1 Topps, so this is sort of his first Phils card as well.

Other uniform changers around the division:
Faux 1977 Topps Justin Upton

Just picked up by the Braves in the last couple of weeks.

Faux 1977 Topps Rafael Soriano

The Nats who had a pretty sharp bullpen in 2012 added Soriano for 2013.  With guys like the Uptons and Soriano entering the division it is shaping up to be another competitive canpaign in the NL East.
If you want to see more faux 1977 Topps check out the MLB.com player preview

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