Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy New Year - Year of the Snake

This weekend marked the beginning of the Chinese New Year - 2013 falls under the Snake on the Asian Zodiac. Other snake years include 2001, 1989, 1977, 1965, 1953, 1941, 1929, 1917, 1905, 1893, 1881 and 1869.  
Here is our quick look at some of Baseball's year of the snake players.  

2013 Phungo #34 Roy Halladay

Halladay is likely my favorite player that came up on the Snake search.  Hopefully Roy is healthy in 2013 and the Phillies can get back to their winning ways. This is a good Phungo card from this years set.  Decent photo of Hallady in action.  The picture is from a game in August in which Halladay was not particularly effective giving up 5 ER over 7 innings, but the Phils showed up that night with a 12 run outburst.  Once again I have given Halladay the designation as the teams ACE, but that may change after the '13 season - It may be time for Cole Hamels to step up.

Year of the Snake Players

1989 - Jason Heyward, Giancarlo Stanton, Madison Bumgarner.

2013 Phungo #16 Giancarlo Stanton  

1977 - Halladay, Andruw Jones, Carlos Beltran, Juan Pierre
1965 - Craig Biggio
1953 - George Brett, Jim Rice
1994 Topps #180 George Brett

1941- Pete Rose

1980 Topps Burger King #4 Pete Rose

1929 - Jim Piersall, Curt Simmons
1917 - Lou Bodreau, Phil Rizutto 
1905 - Leo Durocher
1893 - George Sisler
1881 - Johnny Evers

 2010 Obak #108 Tinkers-Evers-Chance, Baseball's Sad Lexicon

Looking Back

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