Saturday, August 15, 2015

1990 Year of the No-Hitter: August 15th Terry Mulholland PT 2

This is what happens when you take those memorable Yellow 1991 Fleer Cards and lazily create a subset based off the original.

1991 Fleer Box Botton #8 Terry Mulholland

Just when you think 1991 Fleer can't look any worse, you add a quick game, date and score in the dullest font possible. The #8 refers to Mulholland's No-Hitter being the leagues eighth of the season which set the record - for purposes of the Fleer box bottom No-Hitter "subset" it is also the card number. 

The No-Hitter flair is the only thing of any interest here.

Fleer produced this card as part of a series of Box Bottom cards dedicated to the 1990 No-Hitters. Each Box Bottom contains 4 Cards, 3 No-Hitter related plus a fourth card that has a Team Logo. The Mulholland card shares a Panel with Andy Hawkins and Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan.

1991 Fleer Box Botton #3 Nolan Ryan (image swiped from Thorzul)

Speaking of the Express, I Just happened to see that Thorzul posted the Nolan Ryan Fleer Box Bottom as part of his most recent Pull the Trigger promo. This card is, of course, related to Ryan's No-Hitter which we featured two months ago.

Since these cards are Box Bottoms they are blank backed.

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