Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday Night Baseball Angels @ Royals

Sunday Night Baseball is in Kansas City to see the AL Pennant Winners host the LA Angels. The last four seasons the Royals Team WAR leader has been Alex Gordon. That streak is likely to end this year and the prime candidate to take the KC throne is Lorenzo Cain

2015 Topps Heritage #54 Lorenzo Cain

Back in September of 2010 I caught a Brewers Phillies game, Buried in the random observations I wrote the following:

I am pretty proud of the underlined portion, The followups regarding Mat Gamel and Craig Counsell can be ignored.

2015 Topps
I like this card, It appears that Topps moved to expand the photo selection for Heritage in 2015. Prior to this year a standard headshot was used on most cards - this has opened them up for more interesting pix. As I have mentioned in our first pack posting, I am a fan of any shot that has a patch in it, Heritage has lots of patches on the uniforms - this card of Lorenzo Cain has a World Series Patch on his cap. Nothing like catching a guy at the top of his season and to that point his career.

2015 Topps Heritage #54 Lorenzo Cain (b-side)

Card #54 in the original 1966T set was occupied by Jose Pagan. There are no real connections between the two players, unless you count that fact that Pagan had a great 1962 World Series and Cain was coming off a great ALCS in 2014.

Playoff Contenders - Kansas City Royals
     Alex Gordon  (2010 Topps CYMTO/2006 Topps - from 2014)
     Salvador Perez (2014 Topps Opening Day Superstar Celebrations #SC-11- from 2014) 

     Tom Gordon (1989 Donruss #45- from 2014) 
     Black & Blue - Bud Black and Vida Blue (1983 Fleer Super Star Special #643 & #644- from 2014)
     George Brett (1978 Topps #100- from 2014)  

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