Monday, August 17, 2015

Larry Bowa Bobblehead Night Tueday August 18th

On Tuesday August 18th the Phillies are hosting Larry Bowa Bobblehead night to mark the Shortstop/Coach/Managers 50 years in Baseball

1975 Topps #420 Larry Bowa

1975 was the first of three times that Larry Bowa picked up an All-Star game flair the other years were 1979, and  1980.

The 1975 All-Star game celebrates Larry Bowa starting the previous years all-star game. An honor he earned despite his season long WAR of 1.2. National League Shortstops that had a Higher WAR than Bowa  included Bill Russell, Chris Speier, Bud Harrelson, and Most Notably Dave Concepcion (5.5 WAR)

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