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1976 ASG +40: Bake McBride 1975 Topps #174 rCup

The Phillies are on a hot streak as the head out to St Louis to face the always tough Cardinals.

It is hard to imagine but in 1976 the Cardinals only had one All-Star Representative. 

That representative was Bake McBride.

1975 Topps #174 Bake McBride 

It was the only time that McBride made the All-Star team, unfortunately He was dealing with a knee injury and didn't get to play. 

Only Cardinal doesn't even get into the game, Twitter would be ablaze if this happened today.

aWARds - 1974 RoY
As you can see Bake McBride picked up a Rookie Cup in 1975T, He did even better than that as he was also named Rookie of the Year. McBride beat out his Future 1980 World Series Teammate Greg Gross for the award. From an aWARds perspective Gross (+4.7 WAR) would have been a slightly better pick then McBride (+4.3).

Their traditional stats are comparable with McBride putting up a a slash line of .309/.369/.394 while Gross posted .314/.393/.377. The light hitting Gross drove in 36 runs without a dinger, while McBride plated 56 on a Half Dozen Home Runs. McBride also stole 30 bags, significantly better than Gross' twelve.

The only other NL player to get a vote for 1974 Rookie of the Year was Bill Madlock who probalby had a better career than either McBride or Gross.

1975 Topps #174 Bake McBride (b-side)

When his 1975T Card was issued Bake McBride had 30 career steals, yet a Topps writer felt compelled to compare him to Lou Brock. 

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