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Happy 70th Birthday Reggie Jackson

On May 18th Reggie Jackson Celebrates his 70th birthday.

2013 Topps Across the Years #ATY-RJ Reggie Jackson 

A few years ago the common insert in A&G was these Across the Years cards that each recognized the birthday of a star player. Nice for a posting regarding a players birthday - Even the cards don't mention the birthday on the card front

Reggie as with any athlete that can be identified by only a single name doesn't need any introduction.

The first ballot Hall of Famer (1993) clouted 563 Home Runs. He was on Four World Series Winners and took home MVP honors in the Fall Classic twice. His regular season accolades include an MVP award in 1973 and four home run titles. He also led the circuit in OPS+ four times including 1969 when he finished first in Offensive WAR with a number of +8.5.

I think he is primarily know for his five years with the Yankees, but he spent twice as much time with the A's. In fact Jackson played 34 more games with the Angels than he did as a Yankee.

One other note on Geography, Reggie Jackson is from Philadelphia. He went to Cheltanham High School just on the edge of the city, yet he is never mentioned in connection with Philly. Never.

All four teams that he played for were in the AL, so Reggie never got to play in Philadelphia. He made 14 all-star teams including every year from 1971-1984 except one, 1976 the year the game was played at the Vet - It was also Jackson's only campaign with the Baltimore Orioles.

2013 Topps Across the Years #ATY-RJ Reggie Jackson (b-side) 

The ATY inserts list a number of other notables that share a birthday with the A-side subject. The other baseball players listed are fellow Haller Brooks Robinson (celebrating birthday number 79) and early 20th century Pirates pitcher Babe Adams (b 1882).

The cards also contain in interesting event from the players date of birth. Appropriate for an Out of the World player Reggie card contains a UFO reference.  A story regarding the UFO sighting can be found here. the Gosta Carlsson on the back of the card is NOT the same person as the Olympic Cyclist.

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