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2016 Topps Perspectives #P20 Ryan Howard: Catch or No Catch?

It has been out for what 3+ Months now and we are returning to our look at 2016 Topps.

One of the more favorably received inserts in 2016T is the Perspectives set. A 25 card insert with a photography focus. It sort of gives flagship collectors a glimpse into the Stadium Club brand.

2016 Topps #P-20 Perspectives Ryan Howard

The only Phillies card in the set is of Ryan Howard. While a nice picture, the shot selection is a bit perplexing. Why do you take a player known for one thing and one thing only - Hitting Home Runs and show him fielding?

While I admire the man's effort, Howard was mediocre at First Base even at his best.

Safe or Out? 
So did Ryan Howard make the catch next to the tarp? We will let you know later in the posting. 

2016 Topps #P-20 Perspectives Ryan Howard (b-side)

I think part of the Perspectives theme is the players off the field Philanthropic efforts, although I saw no such mention on the Ryan Braun Perspectives entry. Of course, it appears the Big Piece Foundation's website (mentioned on the Topps card) appears to be defunct, so who knows where the $200,000+ they raised went.

I do like how the text on Perspectives is laid out over a shot of the field from the Perspective of the batters box. 

Getty Got It
We were able to find the original image in the Getty library and we have the verdict on the play....

no catch.

I know your shocked, The play was from a Reds 11-2 victory over the Phillies on June 29, 2015. The foul ball was off the bat of Zach Cozart - Not sure which AB. However we do know it was not during Cozart's first plate appearance when he hit a Grand Slam, according to B-Ref that Home Run occurred on a 0-0 count so no foul ball.

The photo was taken by sports photographer Jamie Sabau.

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