Friday, May 13, 2016

2013 Phungo #66 Tommy Joseph

Quick Posting to note the Major League Debut of Tommy Joseph

2013 Phungo #66 Tommy Joseph

I knew of Tommy Joseph for a little prior to his trade into the Phillies organization. He was one of the more noteworthy players at the AA All-Star game held at Reading in 2012.

He was still in the Giants organization at the time and signed lots of autographs that night. I liked the fact that he referred to the Plate as "the Dish" when I asked him if he was playing. "I'm starting and playing behind the Dish" he said.

Photo here is a lil blurry, but I was happy enough to add it to the Tommy Joseph Wiki page. I have "donated" a few Pictures to Wikiepedia and it is always exciting to see the subjects reach milestones.

Thanks to the Phillies Room for posting the card so I didn't have to dig around my files to figure out where I stored it.  

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