Monday, October 27, 2008

2008 World Series Rays V Phillies

I am too excited to put much thought into a posting right now so this will be short - Joe Blanton who I have had such little faith in comes up with a big outing and a big hit. That's why it's a team game, you need contributions from everyone. Phils certainly had some offense during game 4 although a lot of the runs came versus the Rays lower tier relievers.

Regardless hopefully they continue to hit - Scott Kazmir handled the Phillies pretty well in game one and I would expect a similar effort from the Rays lefthander tonight. Of course, the Phils will send out their own star southpaw tonight in the person of Cole Hamels. Hamels has pitched well in the playoffs to this point and I would love to see more of the same out of him tonight.

If Hamels pitches well and the rest of the Phils team stays focused, the game should take care of itself. The Phillies have put themselves into a good position and have been presented with a rare opportunity. Phillies fans everywhere are rooting for them to capitalize on this opportunity.

Go Phils!

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JRJ said...

Congrats on the series win. This is a team of gamers - my Mets could learn a lot from watching the Phils play!

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