Saturday, October 11, 2008

Penn State @ Wisconsin

Quick nod to the Phils for going up 2-0 on the Dodgers Whoohoo!! Things are very happy in the Phungo Household today.

Now I would like to take some time on the Phils-Dodgers off-day to talk about Saturdays in the Fall.

2003? Wheaties Box Joe Paterno

I am not a Penn State alum, but my girlfriend is, this makes me a PSU in-law I suppose. Tonight we are hosting a party for the big PSU-Wisconsin game and I am Posting the Joe Paterno Box for a bit of good luck. Maybe these Wheaties can help Joe Pa get back on the sidelines for the game.

I had always been a casual fan of the Nittany Lions until I met my girlfriend, now we spend part of each autumn weekend watching some portion of the game. This was a little tough during the lean years - and always rough when they play Michigan - but PSU is looking a little more promising this season. It's hard to tell how good a team they are right now, because they really haven't faced much quality competition. Wisconsin hasn't faired well either but seem to have a competitive team every year. I fear tonights contest will be tighter than the #6 team in the nation visiting a team with an 0-2 conference record - Penn State will need to keep the mistakes to a minimum and play good football. If they can do that they will hopefully continue their winning ways.


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Dave said...

It was a pretty sweet win for PSU! Check out my post about it.

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