Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving and Trade Bounty from Play at the Plate

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

One of the things I am thankful for is all the folks I have traded with since going on-line. I try and do a minimum of one trade a month and frankly am amazed by the folks who are doing 3 or 4 trades a week. It takes me a week just to get myself organized enough to thing about a trade.

Brian of Play at the Plate and I were both involved in the same group break held over at Saints of the Cheap Seats. One of the cards that I received was a Carl Yastrzemski Relic that PatP was interested in, I swapped that for a Chase Utley relic and we expanded the trade out. Here are some of the cards that have been added to the Phungo Collection.

2008 UD Sweet Swatch #SS-CU Chase Utley

In additions to the Utley the lot included lots of great Phillies cards.

2002 Donruss Diamond Kings #21 Scott Rolen
2009 Topps Chrome #139 Ryan Howard

I have recently started building player collections. Utley is in my player binder as are some other Phils like Jamie Moyer and Garry Maddox. I am also working on non-Phils collections. These players include Johnny Damon, Bill Lee, and I am thinking about Jeff Conine. Mike Mussina is among this group.

2002 Topps T206 #67 Mike Mussina (Tolstoi Back)

Topps has come out with another T206 series and Cardboard Junkie has a pretty thorough discussion of the back variations from the earlier T206 retro sets. The Tolstoi variation is considered "Uncommon".

I have a pretty varied Want List, and Brian did a great job of scouring it and found all kinds of different goodies - including a Brandon Meriweather Auto!

And this Football Relic:
Is it Brett Favre?!?!?!

2008 Stadium Club Beam Team #BTR-JB John David Booty

No silly - It's John David Booty. I don't think Booty ever took a snap as a Viking and is currently on the Tennessee Titans practice squad.

Once again I would like to thank everyone I have traded with in the past year and look forward to getting more trades out in the future. I don't always give the trade posts as much attention as they deserve, but I dot try and post something on each trade.

I can only hope that everyone is as happy with the cards they receive from Team Phungo as I am on my end.

Thanks Again, Happy Thanksgiving and Go Broncos!

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Play at the Plate said...

Phungo...glad the cards were a hit!! I hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

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