Sunday, November 8, 2009

Spot the Sig! Contest - 4th Inning

Welcome to the fourth inning of Spot The Sig!

This weeks Auto is worth a HOME RUN!!!

This is the first Home Run up for grabs in the Fall 09 STS! contest and will almost certainly significantly affect the standings as many participants have men on base. Or a rookie STS! player could get themselves on the board quickly.


To get over the Phillies World Series loss I had to go out and get myself some good old Topps Heritage cards - 2004 Topps Heritage Cards to be specific. Opening a couple of packs of Heritage should get me over the misery of the Phils falling short against the Mighty Yankees.

And I am going to let all of you Spot the Sig! participants in on this pack opening therapy. This is the pack I will be opening.

I request each participant to guess the number of active players contained in this 8 card pack. A Bonus of a Single will be awarded to the person who guesses the number of active players in the pack. I will define active has any player that played in a major league game in 2009. Somebody like Tom Glavine that kicked around throwing minor league assignments before being unceromoniously dumped by the Braves does not count. While players that played during the 09 season but retired would count - not that he has announced anything but Ken Griffey Jr would still count as 09 active. Any active player on any card counts also - If there are two players on a card and both are active then that counts as 2 players. I am not really sure of the configuration of these packs but Any Insert Relic or Auto of an active player would also count.

And two or more contestants can pick the same number of cards.

The Bonus will remain open till Monday at 6p Eastern. At which time I will present the contents of the pack.

As an FYI, the 2004 Topps Set homages 1955 Topps.

Spot the Sig! standings Going into the fourth inning.

Paul's Random Stuff - Mets: one run scored. Men at 2nd and 3rd.
Autographed Cards - Royals: one run scored. Men at 2nd and 3rd.
Night Owl - Dodgers: Men on First and 2nd
Nachos Grande
- Reds: Men on First and 2nd
The Wax Ripper
- Yankees: Man on First
In Search of Pat the Bat
- PHILLIES: Man on First
Thought and Sox - Boston Red Sox: Man on First
- Orioles: On Deck
Indians Baseball Cards Always
- Indians: On Deck

A new Spot the Sig! autograph will be presented for the contest on Sunday Night, All are welcome to join the game at anytime. If you need more Spot the Sig! details click here.


zman40 said...

I have no idea, but I'll go with three for the bonus.

Rod said...

Kosuke Fukudome and I will say 5 active player

Anonymous said...

I'm going to guess that it's a weird Kyle Kendrick auto, but I'm pretty sure I'm wrong.

I'll take 5 for the bonus.

FanOfReds said...

I'm terrible with autos...
I'll take 4 for the bonus though.

dayf said...

I know I recognize that card design, but I can't remember what set it's from.

Let's try Kenny Kelly for the auto. 6 active players in the pack.

Brian said...

I'm going with Kevin Kouzmanoff and the bonus is 3.

AdamE said...

I think Rod got it but am going out on a limb with Mark Kotsay.

2 current players out of the pack.

deal said...

We are over the 12 hour mark and no correct answers. If this goes past 6pm today I will add a hint and allow 2nd guesses from everyone. If you have already guessed on the auto you must wait till after the hint is released to add another guess.

Anonymous said...

Im gonna say its Kevin Correa and for the bonus I will say 4.

Patsearcher said...

The closest I can find is Kenshin Kawakami, even though he's not an outfielder.

It's impossible I tell you!

I'll go with 5 for active players.

deal said...

Bonus Closed - winners will be posted shortly.

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