Monday, November 9, 2009

Spot the Sig! - 4th Inning HINT

Two orders of business for Spot the Sig! today.

1) I have opened the pack of 2004 Heritage and have documented it over at A Pack to be Named Later.

2) I knew this one would be tough - but I never would have thought that it would be the first Auto to go UNSOLVED. Here is part 1 of a two part hint - I have expanded the window of the auto to see a little more of the card.

And I will also mention a second clue:

The player who signed this is a current member of one of the teams represented by a
Spot the Sig! participant.

But since I had to provide a couple of hints, the value of this Auto drops to a double.

Good Luck I will give you till 6pm tomorrow and then we will have to call it quits on the Auto.

A new Spot the Sig! autograph will be presented for the contest on each Sunday Night, All are welcome to join the game at anytime. If you need more Spot the Sig! details click here.


Brian said...

Billy Butler

Rod said...

Kyle Blanks

dayf said...

Kila Ka'aihue

FanOfReds said...

Josh Reddick?

deal said...

We have a Winner! Billy Butler is correct - of course it should be noted that Play at the Plate may have dug for some extra information:

congrats to Brian and Welcome to the game - I trust that you will be representing the Rangers in the STS contest?

Patsearcher said...

Jeez that's a hideous signature. I was looking up Nippon Professional Baseball superstars who might have a certified autograph.

Brian said...

I didn't get it there although I should have! It was actually the extra part of the card you showed. His momma ought to knock the snot out of him for the way he butchers that sig. Rangers for me! Thanks.

zman40 said...

Wow, I have a few Butler autographs and they are all sloppy. But, none of them are anywhere near that mess.

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