Sunday, November 1, 2009

Spot the Sig! 3rd Inning

Welcome to the Third Inning of the Spot the Sig! competition. This is the first ever World Series edition of Spot the Sig! - To be honest, as you may have noticed I am sort of interested in tonight's game, so this posting was written well in advance. That being said I will try and check in here between innings to see how everybody is doing.

We have another Double for this weeks Spot the Sig! entry:

And For the Bonus you will need to pick the 2009 World Series Blob. For those of you not familiar with the Blob concept, please consult Night Owl Cards. The Blob is basically the batter that makes the last out of the game. And taking the concept one step further the World Series Blob is the player who makes the last out of the final game of the World Series.

For purpose of the STS pick the blob bonus I am adding a stipulation regarding a Walk-Off Win. In the event of a Walk Off Win the Blob would be the pitcher that gave up the game winning hit. If no one picks the blob, this weeks bonus will be awarded the batter who made the last out prior to the actual blob (or pitcher who gave up the most recent baserunner prior to the blob pitcher).

oh yeah if there is a base running blunder for the final out, I reserve the right to make the runner the blob - My contest My Rules.

The same player may be picked multiple times (i.e. if everybody picks A-Rod and he is the blob, everybody gets the bonus). The Bonus is worth a Walk. The bonus will be open for guesses until 7:00 pm on Monday Night (Eastern)

Spot the Sig! standings after Going into the 3rd inning.

Paul's Random Stuff - Mets: one run scored. Men at 2nd and 3rd.
Night Owl
- Dodgers: Men on First and 2nd
Nachos Grande
- Reds: Men on First and 2nd
Autographed Cards
- Royals: Men on First and 2nd
The Wax Ripper
- Yankees: Man on First
In Search of Pat the Bat
- PHILLIES: Man on First
Thought and Sox (who I incorrectly IDd as Tribe Cards last week) - On Deck
- Orioles: On Deck
Indians Baseball Cards Always
- Indians: On Deck

All are welcome to join the game at anytime, Paul's Random Stuff is the only team to score at this point and it remains anybody's ballgame. For more
Spot the Sig! details click here.


zman40 said...

Carl Crawford and Matt Stairs.

Anonymous said...

I agree on Carl Crawford. My blob pick is Jimmy Rollins.

madding said...

Carlos Ruiz for the blob.

Patsearcher said...

I'm going to be optimistic, especially after that game, and go with Cano for the blob.

deal said...

Finally somebody picked a Yankee Blob!!

Crawford is correct on the auto. It would be a tough one, but I think most collectors can ID the Goudey Graphs background.

Bonus open till early tomorrow Evening. Keep the Faith Go Phils!

FanOfReds said...

I'll take Teixeira (however you spell it) for the's to optimism.

As for the sig, no idea...

night owl said...

Geez, the Crawford autos I looked at didn't look like that one -- either that or I was too distracted doing this at work.

Blob: Pedro Feliz.

AdamE said...

I'll take Victerino for the bonus.

Brian said...

I'm always too late to ID the graph. I'll go with Howard for the BLOB, although I hope it's a Yankee.

deal said...

Shane Victorino gets the Blob

Thoughts and Sox gets the Bonus.

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