Monday, November 30, 2009

Lenny Dykstra has Something to Say - Special Spot the Sig! Announcement coming up on Wednesday!

1995 Score #22 Lenny Dykstra

This Wednesday Team Phungo will have a Very Special Announcement regarding the Spot the Sig! competition. Until then I would like to congratulate Autograph Cards for picking up their third auto and plating a pair of runs. I will have a full run down of the Bonus round and scores later in the week.

Anyone that has not entered still has until noon on Tuesday to get a chance at the STS! Bonus.

The Card

This has to be one of my all time favorite cards. Lenny Dykstra giving it to an ump. It is likely from a game on May 8th 1994, meaning the Umpire is probably Angel Hernandez. If this the game I remember, Dykstra got upset with a bad call by Hernandez and then drew a line through the opposite batters box where the ball had passed - I don't know maybe 10 inches outside. The replay did agree with Lenny's estimate. Regardless, Angel was not going to be shown up and ejected Dykstra.

Great Ejection, Great Memory, That's Baseball - Oh and the Phils won the game, That part I don't remember.

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