Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2011 Phungo Cards Albert Pujols

Apparently the Cardinals and Albert Pujols were unable to come to a contract agreement prior to their deadline today.  Knowing that both sides are very honest and honorable, I would be shocked SHOCKED! if we heard a peep from either side of these discussions the rest of the summer. 

2011 Phungo BFI Dual Insert Albert Pujols

In 2011 Team Phungo hard pressed for exposure in the cramped trading card market have come up with a series of Gimmick Cards.  What could be better than the popular BFI Series - How about DUAL BFI INSERTS.  TWICE THE FUN!!

The DUAL BFI is similar to the Black and Blue Card that was produced by Fleer in the 80s.   I wanted to take the idea of Fleer and apply it to a card(s) where it makes sense.  I have placed pitcher v batter photos onto a single 2.5x3.5 card but the pitcher is always further away and dramatically smaller then the batter.  This makes it hard to ID the pitcher in the Photo.

In the above photo, we are at Pujols' back, which isn't the most desirable situation for a photo.

But I think if you double the size of the image and place it on two cards it is a win-win.

2011 Phungo BFI Dual Insert Cole Hamels 

Cole Hamels and his distinct high leg follow through.

Here we have two cards that each separately feature a single player, but combined form a single great image.   

2011 Phungo BFI Dual Insert Cole Hamels v Albert Pujols (click to enlarge)

Combining the two cards makes for a single great looking card.

I think this is something that Topps could easily take on and would make for a great looking series of cards. 

There are 3 Dual BFI pairs that can be found in the 2011 Phungo Set.  We will features these throughout the year.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool card. I hate it when you want to make a card of someone, but all you have it the back of them. You found a great solution to that problem.

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