Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spot the Sig - 4th Inning

Welcome to the fourth inning of Spot the Sig!.  I look at this weeks auto should not be to challenging and expect a quick response:

This above auto is good for a single runners advance two bases.  

This weeks Bonus is good for a walk.  This one is similar to the bonus from the first inning.  Team Phungo took in just over a dozen games this year, name a winning pitcher from one of those games.  Ground Rules:  All guesses must be unique.  Any guess that is repeated from an above participant will be ineligible for the bonus.

STS! Standings Going into the 4th Inning
Waxaholic - Braves: Man on Third.   
Autograph Cards - Kansas City Royals:  Men on 1st and 2nd
Plaschzke/Argyle - Brooklyn Dodgers: 1st and 2nd
DawgBones - Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs: 1st and 2nd
Too Many Grandersons - Tigers: 1st and 2nd  
Night Owl Cards - Los Angeles Dodgers:  1st and 2nd 
The Dimwit - Astros; 1st  
Nachos Grande - Reds: 1st  
Steven:  1st
Orioles Magic: 1st  
Rhubarb Runner - Twins: 1st   
The Angels ln Order - LA Angels:  On Deck 
UncleMoe of 2008 Topps Set : On Deck
Play At the Plate - Rangers : On Deck
Card Buzz- California Angels: On Deck
Nathan - A's: On Deck 
Thoughts n Sox - Bosox: On Deck

You are welcome to join the game at anytime. If you need more Spot the Sig! details click here.


caljr3000 said...

Looks like Josh Johnson?

The Dimwit said...

Josh Johnson

Bonus: Roy Halladay

caljr3000 said...

Oh, and Roy Oswalt for the bonus please

Greg Zakwin said...

Bonus: R.A. Dickey

Steven said...

Josh Johnson's already been said so..

Bonus: Cole Hamels

zman40 said...


Jim said...

I would have guessed Josh Johnson too.

I'll take Jamie Moyer for the bonus.

deal said...

Josh Johnson is correct.

Congrats to CalJr3000. And I believe that puts CalJr on the board with the first run scored in this edition of STS!

I will keep the Bonus open till Noon on Tuesday.

dawgbones said...

Bonus: do saves count? Brad Lidge

Captain Canuck said...

crap. I'm late...

Josh Johnson and Tim Hudson

night owl said...

Joe Blanton for the bonus.

FanOfReds said...

Brad Bergesen for the bonus. One walk at a time...I'll score eventually.

Nathan said...

cole hamels for the bonus

Laurens said...

Chad Durbin for the bonus

Anonymous said...

these "late" night Sunday posts are killing my chance to advance my runner.

Still, BONUS: Jon Rausch FTW!!1!!11!!

(although the word verification is telling me it's "sutter")

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