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STS Profile Harmon Killebrew

Well, obviously the 1st inning of Spot the Sig! was much to easy.  The Double went to the Autograph Expert from Autograph Cards Zman40 .  

NOTE:  If you're participating in STS! be sure to read the special announcement at the bottom of this post.

1999 Hillshire Farms Home Run Heroes Harmon Killebrew

The Hillshire Farms auto series is familiar to most collectors.  You can get several cheap autos of Hall of Famers and major stars from the series.  The cards are not liscensed through MLB or the Hall so they do not contain team nicknames or logos, but the picures are good, the signature is on card, and the design is sharp. 

Harmon Killebrew

All but 1 season of Killebrew's 22 year career was spent with the Washington 

Senators/Minnesota Twins Franchise.  His 573 career Home Runs is still good enought to rank 11th all time, He led the AL 6 times including his MVP year of 1969.  The Killer only got to participate in 1 World Series,in 1965, when the Sandy Koufax led LA Dodgers defeated the Twins in seven games.

For the Collector
Recently on ebay the above card went for $11 shipped.  Several of his auto cards have sold in the $20-$30 range recently.  Some of the ones I like include 1999 SI GOTG ($22), 2005 Sweet Spot ($28.49).  The 2005 Donruss Signature Postage Stamp Auto (#4/5) sold for a whopping $125.50.

Topps issued Harmon Killebrew's Rookie Card as part of their 1955 set (#124).  A soft cornered wrinkly version of this card went for $22.03 on the bay a week ago.  Several nicer versions of the card went in the $31-$40 range.  The card peaked out at $279.06 (PSA-NM).  This card was also reprinted as part of the 2010 Topps CYMTO series.

WIlliam at Foul Bunt has been reviewing the 1955 Set and just posted the Killebrew Rookie Card as well as some additional bio-career information.  

Harmon Killebrew is also one of the Hall of Famers who is part of the somewhat difficult 1959 High Series (#515)- Low recent auction on Ebay was $17.50 for a decent looking card - a few cents cheaper for a yucky one with tape residue.  You can do better if you wait around long enough, A few years ago I found a passable one at $7.25 on ebay.  
STS Standings After 1 inning

As we know Zman40 Picked up the Double he also added a walk for picking up the bonus by guessing Ryan Howard, Here is the complete list from a record setting first day of STS entries.  Anybody who has a runner on First guessed a Player that Team Phungo Saw homer in 2010.   
Autograph Cards - Representing the Kansas City Royals:  Men on 1st and 2nd
Night Owl Cards - Los Angeles Dodgers:  1st (Jayson Werth)  
Plaschzke/Argyle - Brooklyn Dodgers: 1st (Shane Victorino)
Phillies Room: 1st (Raul Ibanez)
The Dimwit - Astros; 1st (Chase Utley) 
Nachos Grande - Reds: 1st (Martin Prado - An away player who homered TWICE)
Steven:  1st (Prince Fielder - Another Away Player well done) 
Orioles Magic: 1st (Eva Longoria) 
Rhubarb Runner - Twins: 1st (Jim Thome)
The Angels ln Order - LA Angels:  On Deck (Werth but he was already guessed)
DawgBones - Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs: On Deck (Chooch)

UncleMoe of 2008 Topps Set : On Deck (Jimmy Rollins)
Play At the Plate - Rangers (Albert Pujols)
Laurens of Card Buzz- California Angels: On Deck (Dom Brown)
Nathan - A's: On Deck (Adam Dunn)
I think I got everyone - If I missed you or misrepresented your squad, please let me know.  And, Thanks to everyone for such a strong showing on opening night of Spot the Sig!

Special Announcement

Apparently there is some sort of football game on Sunday Night so we will be hosting the 2nd Inning of STS! on Saturday Night.  

Harmon Killebrew HoF Index

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zman40 said...

It certianly helped that I got Harmon's autograph this past summer. Because of that, I was able to spot the sig on my blog roll. Here is the link.

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