Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spot the Sig - 5th Inning

We are up to the 5th inning of the 2011 Edition of Spot the Sig! already.  This years competition has been very entertaining with four different winners for the first 4 autos.  To be honest all four sigs must have been way to easy because the answers came in pretty darn quick.

This auto may be a bit tougher.  The first person to identify the author of the following sig will earn a Triple in the 5th inning of STS!


We have come to the mystery ticket round.

As you know by now Cliff Lee has returned to the Phillies after a year traveling through the Junior Circuit's western division.

This weekend the Phils have started playing grapefruit league games in Florida against the New York Yankees.  The last time Lee pitched for the Phils he was facing the Yankees in this game:

I have painted over the section row and seat number on the ticket.  For the bonus your task is to guess the numbers for the Section Row and Seat.  The bonus is good for a walk.

Ground Rules

There will be 3 different bonuses awarded.  One each for the Section, Row, and Seat.  Whoever is closest to each will be awarded the bonus.  Duplicate answers will be allowed.  One person can get multiple bonuses.  Therefore it is possible for one person to earn Three Bonus Walks this inning. 
STS! Standings entering the 5th Inning. 

Too Many Grandersons - Tigers: 1 Run in and Bases Loaded     
Plaschzke/Argyle - Brooklyn DodgersBases Loaded
Night Owl Cards - Los Angeles Dodgers:  Bases Loaded  
Waxaholic - Braves: Man on Third.  
Autograph Cards - Kansas City Royals:  Men on 1st and 2nd
DawgBones - Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs: 1st and 2nd 
Phillies Room: 1st and 2nd
The Daily Dimwit - Astros; 1st and 2nd   
Nachos Grande - Reds: 1st  and 2nd
Steven:  1st and 2nd
Rhubarb Runner - Twins: 1st and 2nd  

Orioles Magic: 1st    

The Angels ln Order - LA Angels:  On Deck 
UncleMoe of 2008 Topps Set : On Deck
Play At the Plate - Rangers : On Deck
Card Buzz- California Angels: On Deck 
Nathan - A's: On Deck
Thoughts n Sox - Bosox: On Deck
You are welcome to join the game at anytime. If you need more Spot the Sig! details click here.


zman40 said...

I'll go with section 134, row 20, seat 14. Not sure about the 'graph, though.

dawgbones said...

let's try Mike Alden for the auto

Captain Canuck said...

STeve Henderson

section 432 row 10 seat 5

night owl said...

Wild guesses all around:

Mark Hendrickson?

Section 208, Row 7, Seat 12

Laurens said...

Garret Anderson

The Dimwit said...

Garrett Anderson

Bonus Section 123, row 12, seat 1r

dawgbones said...

let's try Section 217, row 17, Seat 7

Greg Zakwin said...

Section 217, Row 15 , Seat 8

The Dimwit said...

that is literally the second time I've been beaten by seconds on answering correctly! haha DANGIT!!!!

Anonymous said...

section 213, row 7, seat 3

Nathan said...

section 124, row 14, seat 9

deal said...

Big Welcome back to the Reigning STS! champion Laurens.

Garret Anderson is correct.

Bonus will remain open till noon on Tuesday.

caljr3000 said...

Section 317, Row 3, seat 2

FanOfReds said...

Section 196, Row 11, seat 11

Anonymous said...

I must be a pinch hitter coming in this late. I will guess section 416 row 11 seat 5

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