Sunday, August 26, 2012

2012 Topps A&G Gold Minis......Dislike. And a Variation Question. .

Ok My name is Phnungo and I admit I am a sucker for the rack packs that have 3 packs plus a mini pack of 3 parallels.  The product doesn't matter.  I largely view parallels a scam, but I enjoy them in small doses.

This interest is waning with the 2012 offering of Allen & Ginter.  The three packs come with 3 mini "Gold" Parallels.

 2012 A&G Gold Minis Hank Aaron, Padro Alvarez, Dan Uggla. 

It is pretty hard to tell the Gold Minis apart from the regular minis.  Same size, cardstock, basically the same color.  The border artwork on these gold cards is more detailed and looks good, but you can barely tell the difference from the regular minis.


2012 Topps A&G 
regular mini Mike Moustakas 
Gold Mini Hank Aaron
Regular Hank Aaron

The Moustakas is the standard mini.  The Aaron mini is the gold variation.

My question is does anybody know what is going on with the Hank Aaron card having differnent poses on the mini and the standard size card.  I haven't been following 2012 A&G that much this year.

A note on collation

The Three minis I pulled in the mini pack were all present within one of the single packs of A&G in the Hanger.  note 2 - I once saw Moustakas and Alvarez play in the same minor league game in Wilmington DE.

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