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Hall of Fame Profile - Frank Robinson

While at the National earlier this month, I heard a couple of the signings had been moved or cancelled for health reasons.  This sort of news is always a bummer - I suppose we always think of our sports idols as being invicible super heroes.  Unfortunately time is a cruel reality - it moves on for everyone regardless of their stature in any field. 

Frank Robinson's Hall of Fame credentials really don't need debated - 2 World Series Rings (1966 1970 both with the Orioles), 2 MVPs, Rookie of the Year,  14 All-Star teams, 586 Home Runs, 2943 hits, 1800+ in both Runs and RBIs.  Robinson Homered 10 times in 149 Postseason plate appearances. 

He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1982 on his first ballot.  Hank Aaron was inducted the same year.            

2010 Topps CMT-6 Frank Robinson
2006 Topps ROTW-8 Frank Robinson

For The Collector 

According to the handy rescource at Old Cardboard there are several early regional issues of Frank Robinson cards that are considered Rookies.  For collectors on a budget, like myself, the most likely Rookie Card one would find is his 1957 Topps #35 Card.  The lowest recent auction finished at $24.45 with 5 separate sales concluding under $30.  A PSA-8 graded card went for $697.44

Neither of the cards above are the real 1957 Topps RC of Frank Rboinson - both are recent reprint/homages to the original 1957 rookie card.  Both of these re-issues can be found in dime boxes.  .

1959 Topps #435 Frank Robinson

I picked up the 1959 Topps card abover for $8.61 July of 2009.  At least a half dozen recent auctions for the 1959 Topps Frank Robinson have concluded under $8 - a fair condition card went as low as $4. 

On the other end of the spectrum a PSA-8 (NM-MT) came in at $206.50

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