Sunday, August 12, 2012

Phungo 5 with Cards on Cards

The Reigning World Champion St Louis Cardinals were in town this weekend.  To fill us in on what has been going on since then, we are talking with Kerry from Cards on Cards.  
1) Which player needs to step up for the Cardinals to return to the World Series? 
Clearly, Albert Pujols needs to step up big time if they’re going to make a repeat run. Why, he hasn’t done so much as score a single run for St. Louis this year! In all seriousness, though, I don’t have a lot of complaints about the offense or the rotations right now, and Jason Motte has been on a nice run lately. I don’t think you can expect much from Rafael Furcal right now and Lance Berkman may be at the end of his career, so of the able bodied Cardinals I’d like to see more from Jon Jay. It feels like the offense works best when Jay is hitting, and they really need someone to step up and take hold of the leadoff spot with Furcal’s physical struggles.
2) What is your favorite release for airbursh cards? 
My favorites are probably some of the Traded sets from the ‘80s. I used to get one of the Traded sets each year for my birthday, and it always fascinated me to see players in their new uniforms. It also didn’t take me long to notice how ridiculous some of them looked.
3) What are your thoughts on Rick Ankiel's recently being DFAd?
It’s really unfortunate. I was a huge fan of Ankiel’s when he was a sudden star pitcher as a rookie. To see him come back and succeed, if only for a season or two, as an outfielder was pretty amazing. I’m sure that he could walk away from the game right now and know that he’s done things very, very few could ever hope to achieve. I read recently that he helped Strasburg with his curveball, though, and some part of everyone who has followed him will always wonder what would happen if tried to pitch again competitively.
4) Has there been any word on Minor League Ball returning to Portland ?
The Yakima Bears, a short season A-league team is moving to the area next season, to play in Hillsboro which is a suburb to the west of Portland . AAA baseball has left Portland several times before and always returned, but the big difference this time is that they have no stadium to return to as their former home became a soccer-only facility last year. A new minor league stadium in Portland proper would have to be built from the ground up, and in the current political and economic climate, that’s about as likely as Pujols being traded back to the Cardinals for Marc Rzepczynski.
5) What is your favorite perfomance by a Cardinals player on TV or Film?
As an actor or player? I’m not sure that I’ve actually watched any Cardinals act, although I know that David Freese was supposedly in some awful sitcom episode last season on a show that I believe had already been cancelled by the time it aired. As far as performance in a game, it’s tough to think of anything more enjoyable than watching Chris Carpenter shut down the Phillies in the NLDS clinching game last year. Collectively, I’ve never seen anything more exciting than Game 6 of last year’s World Series, but as an individual performer, Carpenter sweated and cursed and hurled his way to the NLCS last year. He hauled the entire team on his back on his way to pitching more innings than anyone in professional baseball last season. And he’s paying for it dearly this year, where he’s basically getting the season off due to having a rib removed in someone experimental surgery to relieve pain he’s dealt with for a long time. I have a short memory, though. Ask me on a different day, and I might bring up the Pujols blast off of Brad Lidge or any number of amazing defensive displays by Jim Edmonds and Ozzie Smith.
Have to ding ConC for #5. Any mention of 2011 NLDS game 5 and stomachs start turning for team Phungo.  Still a respectable 4 of 5 for ConC and we thank Kerry for is always thoughtful responses. 
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