Thursday, August 9, 2012

Snapshots 2012 08 08 Braves @ Phillies

Couple of snapshots from Phillies 12-6 loss to the Braves on Wednesday night.  Not many Highlights for a Phils fan to talk about so straight to the photographic evidence ->  

Dominic Brown

The recent callup and one time prospect was in the starting lineup. Brown doubled in the Phils big 5th inning. 

Tim Hudson First Pitch

I know this is blurry, but it was Tim Hudson's first pitch which Jimmy Rolllins knocked out.  Maybe a pitching guru can find a flaw in the mechanics there.

 Chipper Jones

Last night was probably the last time I will ever see Jones play.  In the final 2 ABs I got to see Chipper -0 wait for it.........Get intentionally walked.  Down 12-6 in the 8th I considered booing the decision and probably should have. 

Nate Schierholtz 

Another new Phillies player.  Might be the last time I feature him, don't want to be bothered with having to learn how to spell his name.

Michael Bourn

Now this is a name I would like to spell a lot.  Phils will likely be looking for a Centerfielder for 2013, Bourn is one guy I would love to see re-acquire.  Since I posted what Hudson looked like when he gave up a dinger, well I only thought it appropriate to post a phot of Michael Bourn looked like on the pitch when he homered.


As noted above not many highlights for Phils fans. 
- Kyle Kendrick was putrid in the 2nd.  Through roughly 50 pitches - that is not an exagerration.      
- Despite tying the game in the 5th, never felt like Phils could sustain the comeback, due to the differential of talent in the bullpens.
- Dodger acquisition Josh Lindblom had a rough night.
- Utley had to run out a couple of balls - doesn't appear to be having trouble getting around.
- Erik Kratz didn't look real solid behind the plate - lots of dropped balls and foul tips.  I think Ruiz make the play at the plate in the 2nd. 
- Kratz is twice as big as Michael Bourn
- Even when the Phils lose, there is nothing like seeing Ryan Howard hit one of his epic home runs.
- I give the CBP Tacos a thumbs up.  Not gourmet or anything like that, but they are good for a light snack on a hot night.  I think they went for $4.75 each.

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