Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cards that never were - 2009 Topps Placido Polanco

Faux 2009 Topps Placido Polanco

I have noted the baseball lineup cards featured at Phils games several times in this space. This year the Phils have retained the card design from 2009 Topps. This means for players that did not have a card last year, a new card had to be created. This is the one for Placido Polanco, who of course did have a 2009 Topps Card but it was with the Tigers.

These lineup cards were on display during the Phils on-deck series this weekend. We went down for the Saturday game of the series. The game did not count in the regular season standings, but it was a beautiful day and a great opportunity to get down to the ballpark. If I can get some real life stuff done this week, I will try and put together a game report.

Yesterday during the Phils Home Opener Polanco had a fine Phillies Re-Debut which included a Grand Slam and 6 RBIs.

For a look a custom Polanco card check out 2010 Chachi #2 over at The Phillies Room.


Anonymous said...

I saw that and was wondering... I guess it is easier to make a few new cards than to replace all of the jumbo lineup cards.

The Mets were using the 2010 design on Opening Day, apparently, though they didn't have time to make one for Mike Jacobs yet.

Jim said...

I was disappointed the Phils didn't go with all new 2010 Topps cards for the jumbo line-up display. I guess this means we'll see a 2009 Topps Roy Halladay Phillies card.

Play at the Plate said...

It would have been nice with the 2010 design, but it still looks good.

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