Friday, April 16, 2010

Philly area Card Show this Weekend will be hosting a card show at The Granite Run Mall in Media PA this weekend.

I have never gone to any of their shows, and really don't know anything about the operation. The link advertises 50 dealer tables, however, I have noticed these estimates tend to be high. It appears that Poppel is concentrating more on the Autograph end.

Who would you want to get an auto from out of their list:

Autograph Prices:

Ashby: $10.00 per item/any item(SATURDAY)

Daulton: $15.00 per item/any item(SATURDAY)

Quick $20.00 per item/any item (SATURDAY)

LeMaster $12.00 per item/any item (SATURDAY)

Carmichael: $20.00 per item/any item(SATURDAY)

Douglas: $20.00 per item/any item (SATURDAY)

Papale: $25.00 per item/any item(SATURDAY)

Virgil: $15.00 per item/any item(SUNDAY)

Amaro Sr.: $15.00 per item/any item(SUNDAY)

Eisenreich: $16.00 per item/any item (SUNDAY)

I am going to try and make the Saturday show. I doubt I will lay down the cash for an autograph, but if I did it would probably be Darren Daulton.

For general Card Show information click here. Or you can check the Card Show Information Link in the "Around the Horn" section of the side bar.

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James said...

I've read mostly positive reviews about them - hopefully it's a good show for you.

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